Thursday, July 31, 2014

August Challenge - You are a priority

August Challenge, Make You a Priority:

Focus ON YOU, your body, your health.


No Booze: Zero, Zilch, None, Nada, if you can't go a month without booze you have a problem, commit to it, make it happen, it will make drinking in September more fun, do it.

No Complaining: When you catch yourself thinking about how something sucks, why something should be different,
why something is someone else's fault, etc SHUT THE F*$k UP, your life is better than a whole lot of peoples, and things aren't always perfect, but bitching doesn't help, if you want something to be different or better, don't complain about it change it.

Help Somebody:  Everyday, do something good for someone else, make sure you journal this

Sleep:   Sleep is important, sleep in total darkness, no electronics, no nightlight, at least 7 hours a night in pitch black, if your laying in bed and resting and can't fall asleep that counts, as long as the room is pitch black and you're trying.

Fat Fast: 1 Day a week for 24 hours dont eat, you can have (Grass fed butter coconut oil MCT or heavy whipping cream with coffee or tea) but that is it on fast days (if you are going to break, raw veggies, some nuts or seeds, but nothing else and only if you are going to break otherwise, we are fighting for mental toughness here)

Diet / Exercise:   Set your goals, make them personal, list them out, make them realistic, stick to them, post them in the comments, we will hold you accountable, P.S. Eat your veggies

Be Outside: Spend at least 1 hour a day in nature, if you can't get that hour in each day thats fine, 2 hours the next, just make sure by the end of the week you spend 7 hours outside.

Walk:  At a slow space walk 10 miles a week, this can (and should) be hiking, which doubles as your outside hour, but either way.

Meditate: Spend 30 minutes each day with yourself and your thoughts in silence, watch a sunset, watch a sunrise, just be alone and think, or better don't think, but make this you time. (You can listen to music with no words, otherwise stay in silence or the sound of nature).

Personal Goals:  Dont forget to list them, Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely

DON'T LIE: You are only cheating yourself if you do, when you break, admit it, write down why, set yourself a punishment, and try harder, learn from your mistake, do better.

Journal:  Everyday write down how you feel, what you did, what you didn't do, what was hard, what was easy, etc. Take good notes, collect your thoughts.