Thursday, August 21, 2014

Perhaps we better start at the beginning....

Get away from me with this caveman crazy talk, there is no way this stuff is healthy, you have to eat bread, bread is the main food of life, don’t you know. How can you survive and be healthy eating all of that meat?  I mean really you are killing yourself.
Those are all things I heard, and still hear on occasion as I embarked upon this Paleo Journey, I was out casted by many, called crazy, and yet I did it anyways because it made sense.
And as I saw results in weeks, amazing results in months, and my life was completely transformed within a year I realized that this was a lifestyle change that I was not going to give up. But yet I still had naysayers telling me that I was killing myself, that this wasn't healthy, that consuming all of that saturated fat and red meat was going to be the death of me, when I came back with Chemistry Panel Results and vast improvements in my cholesterol numbers I still had people telling me it was a fluke. But I have seen these results with my own eyes on countless others that have tried, I am not telling you that you are going to see the same, I am challenging you to give yourself a chance to see how good you can look and feel if you challenge yourself to embrace and build a healthy relationship with real food.

Fast forward a couple of years and there were some struggled and adaptations but I am still living the dream, I do not feel that I sacrifice anything, and more so that others sacrifice their health for short sugar buzzes or the convenience of picking up food like substances.


When I left the farm and headed off to a professional career my health quickly began to deteriorate. I put on 30lbs in my first few months at a desk job and knew something had to change. I tried to eat the prescribed low fat and whole grains healthy diet, but i seemed the more of this diet I implemented, the sicker that I became.

I was plagued with Allergy/sinus issues throughout the year that would typically lead to  antibiotics for infections at least twice a year. My digestive track was a mess, my blood pressure danced on the high borderline and I was likely on the fast track to diabetes.

After stumbling upon and implementing the Paleo diet’s basic principles I began to see MAJOR results in weeks. I lost 30lbs in the first month and 45 in the first 2 months. Within a few weeks my digestive problems were gone, and following the loaves of bread I tossed out the back door went my lifelong battles with allergies and sinusitis. I began to feel amazing with a constant state of energy that just made me feel as  I wanted to run and play as a child.

Along with the diet I implemented the paleo exercise and lifestyle principles as well. The combination has lead to amazing results. At 33 years old I am stronger, faster, and more agile than I have ever been. The myth of slowing down because you get older is just that. With a proper diet of real foods you to can unleash your inner animal and reverse years of damage. My only regret is not finding this out sooner.

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