Tuesday, May 6, 2014

something beautiful happened....

Something beautiful happened the day I stopped treating my body like a piece of machinery,
Something beautiful happened when i stopped treating my body like a science experiment by loading it with industrialized chemicals and processed preservatives.
Something beautiful happened when I embraced my own animal-hood treating my body the way it was biologically designed to be treated. 
Something beautify happened when I changed not only the way I fed myself but the way I philosophically viewed myself and my relationship with the world around me.
Something beautiful happened when I began to understand and fully respect the temple that is the  genetic marvel of a human body that I have been given that has been honed over millions of years of evolution to thrive in this world, not to suffer as the masses seem to do in todays culture.
Something beautiful happened when I embraced my relationship with nature, when I quit viewing myself as above nature, or below nature, but as a part of nature.
Something beautiful happened....
I began to heal....

It's about time I started working on my book, and I am going to start it by utilizing this blog to post my ramblings and ideas that will later be put together, those interested in the not so scientific philosophical ramblings of a man who believes more in results than he does in theories, of a man who finally abandoned the advice and opinions of the "experts" of popular science and began to follow the not so main stream experts who seemed to make more sense, please feel free to follow me and share in the creation of this story.

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