Wednesday, May 7, 2014

we are all dirt...

Perhaps we should start at the beginning, but what really is a beginning, is each day a beginning, is each life a beginning, is each breath a beginning? What really is a real beginning? We like to box things in, in our systematic thought process to finite things. We like to start our understanding and experiments with clear beginnings and clear endings. I sometimes think that our brains must have some need to do this based on the way we are designed as it definitely seems to be the way we look at things. But is this a really accurate way of thinking?

After all how could there have ever really been a beginning? How can there be an end? A beginning to what? An end to what? If we think of the beginning of our life, then yes we can categorize it by our first breath outside the womb, or could we consider it when the sperm met the egg after our parents decided to do the dirty deed? Or could it have been when they first met? Or the first date? Was that our beginning?Or was our beginning long before that when the first piece of dirt was somehow formulated just right to mix with the water and carbon dioxide to sprout a seed into a blade of grass, that would later lead to the development of animal life, which would then in turn consume the grass and leave droppings to fertilize more life. In the end are we not all really just a part of this dirt. A part of a larger living system that we don't and maybe can't fully understand.

We all came from dirt, and upon death our bodies go back to dirt (granted we greedy sob's try to hold onto our dirt as long as possible by being buried inside these unnecessarily heavily constructed coffins, preventing ourselves from returning to the system that fed us, that created us, that is us). And when we come to realize how important this dirt is to our lives and what it means to us maybe we will respect it a little more. Maybe we will understand it's importance and embrace it for what it is. Not some inanimate object that we need to scrub away because it gets on our clean clothes and hands, not as something negative that needs to be cleaned to remove us from filth, but as the life force that we were created from and will return to. Perhaps it's time to realize and embrace and cherish the fact that we are all dirt.

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